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KDP eBook Cover Criteria

Create an eBook Cover for Amazon KDP

What is a cover image?

The cover image for an Amazon KDP eBook appears on the Amazon detail page. Here are a few criteria and guidelines for creating a cover image for the KDP platform.

Amazon does not allow the following issues on content uploaded to their services:

These guidelines apply to the book cover as well as book content. Review these terms and ensure the cover created is in line.

Cover Image Criteria

Format: The cover image must be in TIFF or JPEG format (.tif/.tiff or .jpeg/.jpg)


Image ratio: The ideal image ration is 1:1.6. For every 1000 pixels in width, the image should be 1600 pixels in height.

Dots per Inch: The DPI should be 72 dpi.

File size: The image must be less that 50MB.

Color profile: The color profile should be RGB.

Find up to date information on Amazon KDP image criteria at Amazon KDP’s website.